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$2 298 000
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Powderroom

Two or more storey

La Prairie

$648 000
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathroom
  • Powderroom

Two or more storey


  • Bedrooms
  • Bathroom
  • Powderroom

Two or more storey

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For you who are considering selling your property, Anna Estephan Real Estate Agency has been providing real estate agency services on the South Shore for over 15 years. Anna has so many years of experience and uses her skills to help you achieve your goals of selling (or buying) a property. No matter how big your real estate dreams are, Anna will take care of everything to help you make them come true!

Whether this is your first transaction or whether you are a veteran in the market, she will support you by giving you the right advice and using effective tools to achieve a successful real estate transaction. As a professional real estate agent, his mission is to carry out your real estate project without stress so that you have the best possible experience and that you get your money's worth!

Using the best Internet promotion techniques, you are guaranteed to benefit from optimal visibility in order to reach as many people as possible who wish to settle in Brossard.

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Are you ready or ready to take action and sell your property at the best market price and under the best possible conditions? Contact Anna Estephan now at the following telephone number: 514-292-2311.

We have several buyers to present to you! Anna Estephan also represents a large number of buyers and sellers of properties on the South Shore. If you are looking for a real estate broker to help you sell your property on the South Shore, Anna is the professional who will help you achieve your goal.


Brossard – A City in Full Expansion

Brossard is known to be a modern city where it is pleasant to live. One only has to browse the internet to read glowing reviews on the quality of life. People love living in Brossard despite the numerous traffic jams on its road network, which allows easy access to Montreal and the other municipalities of the Montérégie.

Vue sur Brossard via Google Earth2

Aerial view of Brossard captured from Google Earth. We can see, from bottom to top, Autoroute 10 and the Champlain Bridge and, from left to right, Taschereau Boulevard. At the top, the city of Montreal.

In terms of nature, with its three large parks (Radisson Park, Victorin Park and Sorbonne Park), Brossard is a dynamic hub for outdoor activities and its infrastructures offer more than 50 kilometers of bicycle paths and multipurpose trails for enthusiasts! The services don’t stop there. Its leisure activities offered are rich both at the athletic and cultural level: sports, shows, exhibitions, etc.

parcs de brossard

The website gives the best rating for these three Brossard parks.

A City Near Everything!

The city of Brossard is located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River and the Saint-Jacques River. Four major highways run through it: the autoroutes 10, 15, 20, 30 and 132, and route 134, well known as Taschereau Boulevard. It crosses the city from east to west, bringing together several shopping centers and an abundance of shops and professional services businesses. It is home to two of the largest shopping centers in the Montreal metropolitan area, Mail Champlain and Quartier DIX30, the latter located at the axis of autoroutes 30 and 10.

A Young City

In 2018, Brossard celebrated its 60th anniversary. On February 14, 1958, the city officially took the name of Brossard, in honour of one of the oldest families in the county. In the past, Brossard was considered a transit area for travelers between Montreal and the United States. And while the Brossard of 2018 may not have much in common with the city of 1958, the municipality has become a preferred location for those looking to join a welcoming community full of promise.

M disctrict of Brossard

Discover the heritage documents of Brossard. To relive the Brossard of yesteryear, the City invites citizens to browse the Georgette-Lepage Library's collection of heritage documents. Through thematic albums, a panoply of pictures from yesterday to today is freely accessible by visiting the

A City Open to the World

The twelfth most important city in Quebec, Brossard has a population of over 86,000 (Centris: 2016). Nearly 40% of its population comes from diverse cultural backgrounds; 57 cultural communities are represented, with a predominance of the Asian community. In 1988, for the first time, the City Council publicly declared the city of Brossard to be a "multicultural city."
For the city, this is without a doubt a distinctive feature, but also an invaluable asset that contributes to the municipality’s growth, according to the Courrier du Sud newspaper ( In 2015, Brossard even ranked 3rd among the best places to settle for newcomers to the country.

Festin culturel de Brossard

Brossard, 16 August 2021 – Yesterday, after three days of celebration, we closed, in a special edition, (THE 2021 CULTURAL FEAST) LE PIQUE-NIQUE DU FESTIN CULTUREL 2021! Celebrating the rich cultural diversity of the Brossard region, the FESTIN CULTUREL (CULTURAL FEAST) enchanted the public who demonstrated, once again, their sincere attachment to the event. They were of all ages to discover the various aspects of the event, from the gastronomic tastings and the musical performances to the festive block and the family brunch! (Source:

This presence generates several social and cultural activities. The first multicultural celebration in Brossard organized by the International House of the South Shore took place in 1976, only one year after the creation of the organization. "The goal of this celebration was to foster relationships between new Quebecers and the host community," reads the Brossard Éclair newspaper.

Many intercultural organizations have been created in Brossard, including the Women’s Association from here and elsewhere, the Sino-Quebec South Shore, the Filipino Canadian Community of the South Shore and the Services and training for immigrants in Montérégie. There is no longer the need to go to Montreal to find products and services that are specific to one’s culture. A great example: the Asian market Kim Phat which is located on Taschereau Boulevard near Autoroute 10. (Sources: Courrier du Sud, Ville de Brossard )

Why Live in Brossard? Web Press Review

La Presse – In 2017, the newspaper La Presse published an overview of the state of the real estate market in Brossard in an article entitled: Brossard, plus qu’une banlieue ! (Brossard, more than a suburb!) Here are the words of the interviewed Mayor Doreen Assaad: “Brossard is no longer just a suburban city known for its DIX30. Today, it is perceived as a place of life and a preferred location for businesses, as we have seen in recent years with the establishment of satellite offices, such as those of GE, Raymond Chabot and Desjardins. We are growing at all levels: industrial, commercial and residential.” (Source:

Newspaper Le - In its article published on May 26, 2021 and entitled: Déménager sur la Rive-Sud : Brossard (Moving to the South Shore: Borssard), the media presented the situation in these terms: “This popular South Shore city hardly needs any introduction. Many people are familiar with its famous DIX30 district, where thousands of people go to shop, hang out with friends and participate in original activities like indoor surfing. The many services offered to its citizens, its well-maintained parks, and the quality of its businesses make it the first choice for many. With the emergence of new modern neighbourhoods located along the future REM, Brossard offers the best of suburban life while being close to the big city.” (Source:

5 Movers Quotes – In a 2016 article titled: 10 meilleures villes où déménager sur la Rive-sud de Montréal + 50 avantages (10 Best Cities to Move to on the South Shore of Montreal + 50 Benefits), they presented 5 reasons to move to Brossard: “Everyone knows and loves Brossard! In fact, there must be more to do in this city than in downtown Montreal. We'll say it right away, this is not a calm neighbourhood like many of the small towns presented in this article. With its 85 000 inhabitants, the city is full of life. In Brossard, there is a lot to do. Reasons: The DIX30 district - There is an outdoor center and streams for water sports - The real estate market is doing well and remains affordable compared to Montreal - Independence from the city center - A wide choice of property types to suit all budgets.” (Source:

Brossard vue par… Michel Louvain! (Brossard seen by... Michel Louvain! A popular french singer) – In an article from Courrier du Sud (11 July 2020), the journalist Hélène Gingras asked the famous singer, the late Michel Louvain: Why did you choose to live in Brossard? Here is his response: “I was living in Outremont when one evening I was invited to eat at my manager's house who lived on the South Shore, near the Champlain Bridge. I remember telling her: I would love to live here, there are trees and it's a beautiful area. She took me to see a project that was under construction. Even if it wasn't built yet, I fell in love with the site. I have been here since December 2002. I am happy to be a Brossard citizen. This is my safe haven. We are close to Montreal if you want to go there and, here, all services are close by, and there is parking everywhere. It is here in Brossard that I will end my days. And, the bike path passes by my house. I leave towards Sainte-Catherine, I cross the bridge or I go to Longueuil. Sometimes I go to the Old-La Prairie to have a quick beer. What a joy! The South Shore is the good life!" (Source:

Programme du concert de Noël 2009

Program of the 2009 Christmas concert of the Mélodistes of Brossard. That year, the concert had as special guest the singer Michel Louvain. (Source: Note: Michel Louvain died on April 14, 2021 at the Verdun Hospital in Montreal.

A City Looking Towards the Future

No one can deny the effervescence that is currently taking place in the city of Brossard. At a meeting with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry and 125 representatives of the South Shore business and political community. Here is what was said during the speech: “Times are changing. Brossard is first of all a transformed environment in the sense that it is no longer a dormitory town! Rather, it has become an exceptional living environment, on a territory connected to the metropolis by a soon-to-be-new bridge and by the REM.” We can add to this the projects of a future downtown in Brossard, the Brossard Campus – the Université de Montréal, Solar Uniquartier and, of course, the REM. (Source:

campus universitaire de brossard

The future campus of Brossard - Directly connected to the REM that will link the South Shore to the mountain campus, the new campus will be spacious and modern. The Université de Montréal will occupy two floors of a new building located in Solar Uniquartier. This new branch on the South Shore will replace the current campus in Longueuil.

Réseau express métropolitain (REM) / Metropolitan Express Network

Quiet, automated and spacious: the South Shore section, which will connect Brossard and neighbouring cities to the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) on the South Shore section, should be in service by spring or summer 2022. In addition to being automated, the cars will be air-conditioned in the summer and equipped with door sills and heated floors for the winter, in addition to integrating a Wi-Fi network. With an average speed of 51 km/h and peaks of 100 km/h, it will be possible to get to the Central Station in less than 35 minutes from most stations. (Source:

The 3 South Shore stations will all be located in Brossard:

  • The Panama station is one of three REM stations in Brossard and is centrally located on Autoroute 10. It is distinguished by the integration of a skylight into its architecture and by its large public square. It is the largest bus terminal in the network serving the agglomeration of Longueuil.
  • The Du Quartier station is located near Quartier DIX30 and the new Solar Uniquartier project. Its two footbridges will connect the two sides of the autoroute and create a new pedestrian link in Brossard.
  • The Brossard station is the terminal station of the REM on the South Shore, at the intersection of the autoroutes 10 and 30. It is a regional station that includes a park-and-ride lot of nearly 3,000 spaces and a large bus terminal with 21 platforms.

Brossard - Demographics

brossard demographics stats 1

brossard demographics stats

brossard demographics stats

brossard demographics stats

brossard demographics stats 5


Source : Centris

Brossard - Some real estate data

brossard real estate stats

brossard real estate statsbrossard real estate stats

Source : Centris


Brossard - Usefull  links


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