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Delson Real Estate Agent

Serving homeowners in Montreal's South Shore


For you who are considering selling your property, Anna Estephan Real Estate Agency has been providing real estate agency services on the South Shore for over 15 years. Anna has so many years of experience and uses her skills to help you achieve your goals of selling (or buying) a property. No matter how big your real estate dreams are, Anna will take care of everything to help you make them come true!

Whether this is your first transaction or whether you are a veteran in the market, she will support you by giving you the right advice and using effective tools to achieve a successful real estate transaction. As a professional real estate agent, his mission is to carry out your real estate project without stress so that you have the best possible experience and that you get your money's worth!

Using the best Internet promotion techniques, you are guaranteed to benefit from optimal visibility in order to reach as many people as possible who wish to settle in Delson.

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Are you ready or ready to take action and sell your property at the best market price and under the best possible conditions? Contact Anna Estephan now at the following telephone number: 514-292-2311.

We have several buyers to present to you! Anna Estephan also represents a large number of buyers and sellers of properties on the South Shore. If you are looking for a real estate broker to help you sell your property on the South Shore, Anna is the professional who will help you achieve your goal.


What are the reasons to live in Delson?

Living in Delson can offer considerable advantages. These can range from a mid-range rural / mid-urban lifestyle, to cultural and tourist attractions in the area, to employment and investment opportunities. "Living in Delson means choosing to live 20 minutes from Montreal while enjoying a peaceful environment in the heart of a small municipality with a changing architectural context. In addition to a wide range of shops, jobs and services offered by local businesses, the accessibility of the commuter train makes daily life easier and more enjoyable. Everything is there to flourish and make the most of life," states the municipality's website. This video clip below (in french) traces the beginnings of the City of Delson. It features the railroad, the brickyards, the sports associations, the carnival and the community. (Source: City of Delson)

What is the price of properties in Delson?

Another important factor that motivates people to settle in Delson are the properties that are available. It must be said that the prices of single-family homes are very interesting. It is possible to save several tens of thousands of dollars in the case of Longueuil and the borough of Saint-Hubert, and more than $100,000 for other municipalities on the South Shore. Delson's single-family home prices are even more than $200,000 lower in the case of Montreal and neighboring Candiac. There are currently 27 properties for sale in Delson according to Centris, the real estate website in Quebec.

Delson - Real Estate Statistics 2023

Where is Delson located?

The city is located in the southwest of the South Shore of Montreal. It is bounded on the west by the cities of Sainte-Catherine and Saint-Constant, on the east by the city of Candiac and on the southwest by another part of the city of Saint-Constant. It occupies an area of approximately 8 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 8,150 people, about 3,000 families, known as Delsonians.

It is anticipated that Delson will continue to attract new families. It is expected that an average of 30 new families will move to Delson each year in the coming decades. To accommodate this population, residential projects are being developed that will produce approximately 700 new homes in the short term.

(Source: Google Maps - December 2022)

(Source: Google Maps - December 2022)

Train and bus services provide Delson residents with a quick link to downtown Montreal. Public transit is provided by Exo Roussillon, which also serves the neighboring towns of St. Constant and St. Catherine, the organization serves the municipality with a bus and taxibus service. Exo is also responsible for commuter trains in the metropolitan area and therefore serves the Candiac line. Montreal-Delson commuter train users enjoy several departures per day in both directions.

(Source : Journal Le Reflet)

(Source : Journal Le Reflet)

The socio-economic life of Delson

According to the municipality, Delson's economy is doing well. The average household income is approximately $63,948, which is very similar to the MRC median income of $62,568. In terms of the type of employment of Delson residents, jobs in sales, transportation and processing are the primary source of income for residents, confirming the importance of industrial parks, creating employment opportunities for local residents. These parks currently generate over 3,800 jobs.

A major employer in Delson is the Goodfellow Company. It is a diversified manufacturer of wood products, as well as a wholesale distributor of building materials and flooring. Founded in 1898, the Quebec-based company employs 650 people (Source: Goodfellow)

A major employer in Delson is the Goodfellow Company. It is a diversified manufacturer of wood products, as well as a wholesale distributor of building materials and flooring. Founded in 1898, the Quebec-based company employs 650 people (Source: Goodfellow)

Between 1993 and 2010, 102 new commercial buildings were constructed in the city. These businesses are mainly located along Route 132, Georges Gagné South and Marie-Victorin avenues, Saint-François-Xavier Road and industrial zones, areas that limit consumer use of the highway and offer a quieter environment.

Industrial activity in Delson

Industrial activity is healthy in Delson, thanks to its industrial park. Located at the crossroads of Highways 15 and 30, the Delson industrial park is home to small and medium-sized businesses operating in the wood, processing, services, transportation and distribution sectors. With an area of 3,556,000 square meters, which represents approximately 46% of the territory of Delson, the industrial park hosts nearly 300 companies generating more than 3,000 jobs. Here are the main companies in Delson:

  • Stella-Jones
  • Goodfellow Inc.
  • Transport Delson
  • W. J. Deans Transportation
  • Canadian Tire
  • Pasquier

Part of the Delson industrial park (Source: Google Earth)

Part of the Delson industrial park (Source: Google Earth)

Commercial activity in Delson

More than 261 businesses are listed on the territory of Delson. Commercial activity is concentrated around Route 132 and Georges-Gagné Boulevard, notably in the two main shopping centers (Faubourg Delson and Plaza Delson) where the city's main commercial employers are located. A smaller number of businesses are also located on Marie-Victorin Avenue and Saint-François-Xavier Avenue. In addition, we also found commercial space within the industrial park. The commercial supply should increase in the coming years, notably because of the presence of several vacant lots along Route 132 with great development potential.

Le Faubourg Delson (Source : Groupe Mach)

Le Faubourg Delson (Source : Groupe Mach)

What public services are available in Delson?

In terms of education

As for educational services, three schools serve the territory, including two (2) elementary schools (Louis-Lafortune School & John Adams School, both located on Montée des Bouleaux) and one alternative school (Ecole des Cheminots, located on Boardman Street). These schools, located near Boardman Park, provide easy access to the many activities in the park.

On the health care level

On the territory of Delson, there is no local community service center (CLSC) or hospital; the population is therefore served by the health facilities of the CLSC Kateri (CSSS Jardins-Roussillon) located in Candiac, the Anna-Laberge Hospital Center in Chateauguay and the Charles-Lemoyne Hospital Center in Longueuil (Greenfield Park). However, the population can count on private health clinics located on the territory (Clinique Le Trait d'Union).

In terms of sports and recreation

The City has enhanced the area around the Turtle River with a number of services offered at the Turtle River Park. The lighting and access to the chalet allow the population to enjoy water games, baseball, volleyball, basketball and other activities for longer. In addition, in winter, two skating rinks and a slide are accessible, even in the evening.

Parc de la tortue (Source : Ville de Delson)

Parc de la tortue (Source : Ville de Delson)

The City's nine other parks serve the public well. The City adopted a Parks and Open Space Master Plan in 2005. This plan identifies three main parks: Turtle Park (North Main Street), Wilfrid Boardman Park (Boardman Street) and Arthur Trudeau Park (6th Avenue) where facilities and amenities will be gradually added and installed.

The Delson Sports Centre is home to an indoor ice rink, a multi-purpose room, an indoor skating rink and an outdoor skateboard park. The City also maintains a network of bicycle paths that allow people to cross the city from north to south via Principale Street.

Many events are organized in the city, including "Les notes endimanchées", "La grande Marche Pierre Lavoie", "Journée nationale des aînés" and many others.

What are the tourist attractions of the region?

The Skate Palace

Opened in the 80's when the Delson Sports Center was built, the Skate Palace had its heyday during the good years of disco and into the 90's. The demand for hours of operation for the general public began to grow again, in addition to requests for rentals for children's parties, sports association parties or school field trips. The city of Delson decided to do a complete renovation of the Skate Palace. Everything has been thought to recover the colors of the disco era, adding the best sound and visual technologies of our time. The result is breathtaking! This place is unique in North America!

palais du patin delson

The Blue Route

Known as the St. Lawrence Water Trail, the Route bleue is a waterway designed for small, shallow-draft boats, especially sea kayaks. It is a network of boat launches, emergency stops, rest areas, lodging and food services as well as rustic and commercial campgrounds.

Greater Montreal Blue Route (Source: Bonjour Québec)

Greater Montreal Blue Route (Source: Bonjour Québec)


It is the largest railway museum in Canada (near Delson, St-Constant): offers permanent, temporary and virtual exhibits to help visitors discover the fascinating world of the railway and its impact on our society today and in the past. It is located in St-Constant, a few minutes drive from Delson.

Exporail presents 8 permanent exhibitions that are presented simultaneously. An attraction that appeals to young and old alike. Don't miss the mini rail ride to end the day! (Source: Exporail).

Exporail presents 8 permanent exhibitions that are presented simultaneously. An attraction that appeals to young and old alike. Don't miss the mini rail ride to end the day! (Source: Exporail).

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  • Ville de Delson
  • Wikipedia- Delson
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