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For you who are considering selling your property, Anna Estephan Real Estate Agency has been providing real estate agency services on the South Shore for over 15 years. Anna has so many years of experience and uses her skills to help you achieve your goals of selling (or buying) a property. No matter how big your real estate dreams are, Anna will take care of everything to help you make them come true!

Whether this is your first transaction or whether you are a veteran in the market, she will support you by giving you the right advice and using effective tools to achieve a successful real estate transaction. As a professional real estate agent, his mission is to carry out your real estate project without stress so that you have the best possible experience and that you get your money's worth!

Using the best Internet promotion techniques, you are guaranteed to benefit from optimal visibility in order to reach as many people as possible who wish to settle in Sainte-Catherine.

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Are you ready or ready to take action and sell your property at the best market price and under the best possible conditions? Contact Anna Estephan now at the following telephone number: 514-292-2311.

We have several buyers to present to you! Anna Estephan also represents a large number of buyers and sellers of properties on the South Shore. If you are looking for a real estate broker to help you sell your property on the South Shore, Anna is the professional who will help you achieve your goal.


Sainte-Catherine, the city by the water

Why live in Sainte-Catherine, on the South Shore of Montreal?

Let's find the answer to this question on the municipality of Sainte-Catherine's website: "MY WATERFRONT TOWN IS... a welcoming, audacious and modern municipality, with several large-scale economic forces and offering numerous green spaces and bicycle paths, as well as a wide range of activities and events for all.

(Source : Google Earth)

(Source : Google Earth)

This municipality is located 15 minutes from Montreal on a territory of 9.4 square kilometers, along the St. Lawrence River. A modern city where nature and urbanism go hand in hand, Sainte-Catherine offers its 17,000 residents (Sainte-Catherinois) an exceptional living environment, a flourishing economy, quality services to the population, green spaces and sites for sports and recreation and finally, an enriching community life. The population is relatively young, with an average age of 40 years.

And what about property prices?

As the table below shows, the median price for the last 4 quarters is really interesting, among the lowest in the Montérégie, for both single-family homes and condominiums:centris properties pricesThus 76% of families own their home; this rate is 12% higher than that of the province as a whole. Another interesting fact is that 51% of properties were built in the last 30 years.

Founded in 1937, but 300 years old!

Sainte-Catherine was founded in 1937, but it has been more than 350 years since the first inhabitants discovered and settled this area. Formerly known as Côte Sainte-Catherine, this territory was first inhabited by the Iroquois in 1676. It then became part of the history of the other coasts of the La Prairie seigneury for more than two centuries.

The development of the St. Lawrence Seaway led to the construction of locks in the late 1950's and the construction of the Champlain Bridge in the early 1960's; thus the territory of the parish became part of the greater Montreal suburbs. Then in 1973, following a population explosion, the parish finally obtained city status and became the City of Sainte-Catherine.

(Source: City of St. Catherine - Learn more about the incredible history of the City of St. Catherine in the Old Journal released during the City's 75th anniversary celebrations)

(Source: City of St. Catherine - Learn more about the incredible history of the City of St. Catherine in the Old Journal released during the City's 75th anniversary celebrations - in french)


What are the advantages of a residence in Sainte-Catherine?

1) It is a well located city:

  • Only 8 km south of Montreal;
  • 6 km from the Mercier Bridge and 15 km from the Champlain Bridge and Highway 10;
  • At the crossroads of the A-30, A-15 and Route 132;
  • Less than 30 minutes from Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport;
  • At the heart of Quebec's most important road, sea and rail transportation corridors.


2) Its geographical location favors social and economic life:

  • 240 local businesses, including 26 in the industrial park, and 3,430 regional businesses;
  • A younger population (40 years) than the provincial average (42 years);
  • A rate of active population (72%) more significant than in the Montérégie as a whole (66%);
  • A median household income of $76,909 compared to $67,165 for the Montérégie as a whole and $59,872 for the province;
  • A pool of 1.5 million workers within a 45 km radius, 173,000 of whom work in the manufacturing sector;
  • An array of bars and restaurants to serve you, many of them on the waterfront. The downtown area offers mainly independent and local businesses, as well as nationally branded consumer products, including a pharmacy and a supermarket;
  • A commercial zone along Route 132 offering a regional service;
  • An industrial-port zone in full development;
  • A prestigious business park with new business opportunities thanks to the development of the LEO pole;
  • A deep-water dock offering direct access to the St. Lawrence Seaway, an international trade corridor;
  • An intermodal distribution hub with strategic rail and highway infrastructures;
  • Access to Ontario, the U.S. East Coast and international markets.


Ville Sainte-Catherine presents local businesses and the people behind their history and success

Ville Sainte-Catherine presents local businesses and the people behind their history and success : " Sainte-Catherine's businesses and the people who bring them to life play an essential role in the economic and social development of our community. Here, our entrepreneurs tell their stories: discover the history of their business, their passions and motivations and, perhaps, your next favorite business!"

3) The municipality offers an exceptional urban and natural environment

To live in Sainte-Catherine is to opt for an exceptional living environment. There are

  • 28 parks and green spaces including the RécréoParc, a water game and an inclusive park;

récréoparc de sainte-catherine

DISCOVER THE RÉCRÉOPARC. 9 kilometers of happiness.That's our promise. The RécréoParc is a site that offers you a multitude of activities in the Greater Montreal area. You stay there for a few hours or a day, and then, you will want to return. The pleasure grows with the use!

     25 km of bicycle paths as well as a 2.7 km waterfront promenade offering breathtaking views along the St. Lawrence River;

  • A 3.2 km river running through the center of the city with privileged access for citizens;
  • A city that is beautified each year with 6,569 trees on municipal rights-of-way and grounds;

On y retrouve l’une des plus belles bibliothèques de la Montérégie. (Source : Ville de Sainte-Catherine)

It is one of the most beautiful public libraries in the Montérégie. (Source: City of Sainte-Catherine)

  • A contemporary municipal center designed to meet the needs of the population;
  • In terms of sports and recreation, the city offers a wide range of courses and activities such as figure skating for children, aquatic sports, fitness, fencing, zumba, meditation, yoga and many others, as well as team sports such as soccer and field hockey;
  • 12 outdoor sports fields (soccer, baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis and skateboard), including a synthetic field, an arena and 5 outdoor skating rinks
  • 7 daycare centres;
  • 3 elementary schools and 2 high schools;
  • 3 retirement homes and a CHSLD;
  • 49 community and sports organizations working for the well-being of all citizens, young and old.


4) And finally, a rich and stimulating cultural life

Since 2014, groups of school children, employees, women and seniors have brought to life collective creations where the assembly of singular elements forms works that reflect our identity. Activities include "Interactive Public Piano", "Women and Poetry", "Living Spaces", "Tree of Wisdom" and many others that can be found on the city's website. The city also organizes family and cultural activities such as "Exhibitions", "Saturdays in music", the "Salon du Livre Roussilllon", comedy shows, youth shows, etc. .... and it maintains a creative space "L'Alvéole" in the municipal library.

Below, a clip presenting the Initiation to Mural Art project with 13 young Sainte-Catherinoises, who gathered their talents in order to create a unique work to adorn the recreation trailer of their city! This colorful work was created as part of a cultural mediation with the multidisciplinary artist Monk.E and the urban art agency ASHOP.

In 2023, there will be several shows, including Laughter an#d Popcorn:

(Source :

(Source :

What is a seed library?

The seed libraries offer a variety of free seeds to users. The users contribute to the enrichment of the library by bringing back the seeds from their plantations at the end of the season, for the benefit of the community the following spring.

The Sainte-Catherine seed library is the first to be established in the Roussillon MRC. Through its creation, the City wishes to facilitate access to knowledge and practice of urban agriculture, improve food accessibility and allow everyone to reduce their ecological footprint.

What seeds are offered this year?
Thai Basil - Organic
Early Russian Pickling Cucumber - Organic
Maxibel Dwarf Beans - Organic
Lettuce Mix - Organic
Watermelon Sweet Siberian
Chocolate Pepper - Organic
Garden Marigold - Organic
Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato - Organic
Plourde Standard Tomato - Organic

Get ready, distribution begins in February.


Useful links :

Text sources:

  • City of Sainte-Catherine
  • Sainte-Catherine - Wikipedia
  • History of Quebec - Sainte-Catherine

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