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Hello ! I'm Samira Estephan, a real estate broker in Candiac and a member of the Anna Estephan independent real estate agency. When our customers come to us to find their future home in Candiac, one of their main concerns is proximity to parks. Indeed, the existence of parks within a city or neighborhood is of paramount importance when it comes to choosing a place to live, whether renting or buying. They offer significant environmental, social, personal health and economic benefits. The city of Candiac has 16 parks spread across its territory. These offer a variety of recreational facilities for children and adults, from sports fields to playgrounds. One of the parks featured in this article is sure to suit your needs and tastes.

What are the advantages of living near a park?

  • Green spaces and nature: Parks bring a touch of nature to the heart of urban bustle, an essential element of mental well-being. They offer residents a welcome escape from the often dense and stressful urban environment.
    Leisure and sporting activities: Parks provide a space conducive to a variety of leisure and sporting activities. Whether it's jogging, cycling, outdoor yoga or simply a pleasant stroll, parks provide the ideal setting for staying active and healthy.
  • Community meeting place: Parks act as community gathering places. They frequently host local events, markets, concerts and other activities that reinforce the sense of community.
  • Benefits for families: Parks are particularly important for families with children. They provide a safe, stimulating space for children to play, explore and learn.
  • Improved air quality: Green spaces contribute to air quality by absorbing pollutants and producing oxygen. This can have a significant impact on public health, especially in densely populated urban areas.
  • Property value: Neighborhoods with well-maintained parks tend to have higher property values. People are willing to invest more to live near these green spaces.
  • Biodiversity and sustainable development: Urban parks play a crucial role in preserving biodiversity and promoting environmental sustainability. They provide a habitat for numerous plant and animal species.
  • Reducing stress and promoting mental health: Interacting with nature in parks can help reduce stress and promote mental health. Research has shown that spending time in these green spaces can reduce stress levels and improve the state of mind.

Can you name the parks in Candiac?

1. Parc André-J.-Côté - Located at 112, boulevard Marie-Victorin, Parc André-J.-Côté is a haven of greenery, home to some 650 trees that form multiple shady and refreshing zones. This splendid park offers a variety of facilities, including a public dock providing access to the St. Lawrence River, a vast 5,000-square-meter open amphitheater, an 11-station fitness trail, a small library, multiple picnic areas and a charming pergola. In winter, an ice ring is available for skating. The park is also the site of Maison Hélène-Sentenne (formerly known as Maison Melançon), a historic building erected in 1787, which serves as a venue for various cultural and community activities. Wi-Fi available.

Parc-Andre-J.-Cote, Candiac

Parc André-J.-Côté (Source : City of Candiac)

2. Parc Champlain - Located at 175 boulevard Champlain, Parc Champlain boasts 16 soccer fields of varying sizes, making it a popular spot for soccer enthusiasts. In addition, the park offers a variety of sports facilities, including volleyball and basketball courts. During the winter months, a skating rink is also installed for the enjoyment of skaters.

Parc Champlain, Candiac

Parc Champlain (Source : City of Candiac)

3. Parc de Cherbourg - Located at 130 Place Chambord, the freshly renovated Parc de Cherbourg offers a range of attractive facilities, including fitness equipment, a bike path, a strolling path, a picnic area and play areas for pre-school and school-age children. In winter, the park is transformed with an extensive ice-skating circuit and a gas-powered outdoor fireplace. There's also a doggie play area, much appreciated by dog owners. For cycling enthusiasts, a Cyclohalt bike repair station is available near the chalet, offering eight essential tools for minor repairs and a tire inflator. Wi-Fi available.

Parc de Cherbourg, Candiac

Parc de Cherbourg (Source : City of Candiac)

4. Parc de Deauville - Located at 90 avenue de Deauville, Parc de Deauville is the ideal place to take a break from cycling or walking. Featuring various play areas, including water games, the park also boasts a vast green space dotted with footpaths, as well as multiple areas dedicated to picnics. It's an oasis for the monarch butterfly.

 Parc de Deauville, Candiac

Parc de Deauville (Source : City of Candiac)

5. Parc Fernand-Seguin - Located at 201 boulevard Jean-Leman, near the high school of the same name, parc Fernand-Seguin is famous for its FIFA-approved soccer field, which doubles as a soccer pitch. The park also offers a vast green space and play areas for children. It features a 575-square-meter Pumptrack, suitable for various cycling activities such as skateboarding, BMX, scootering and rollerblading. For cyclists' needs, a Cyclohalt bike repair station is available close to the track. It offers the possibility of making minor adjustments using eight essential tools, as well as re-inflating tires.

Parc Fernand-Seguin, Candiac

Parc Fernand-Seguin (Source : City of Candiac)

6. Parc Haendel - Located at 33 rue de Fribourg, Handel Park is a prime destination for sports enthusiasts. It boasts a variety of sports facilities, including tennis, baseball, beach volleyball, basketball and field hockey courts, for the enjoyment of sports enthusiasts of all ages. Children are also catered for, with specially designed play areas. What's more, a chalet is conveniently located at the entrance to the footbridge linking Parc Haendel and Parc de Cherbourg. Wi-Fi available.

Parc Haendel, Candiac

Parc Haendel (Source : Ville de Candiac)

7. Parc Jason - Located at 75 Place Jason, this park offers an intimate family setting, perfect for children to play on the playgrounds and enjoy the vast green space for exercise. Picnic tables are also available, providing a pleasant outdoor setting for enjoying a meal or snack with the family. Wi-Fi available.

Parc Jason, Candiac

Parc Jason (Source : City of Candiac)

8. Parc de Jasper - Located at 3 chemin Saint-François-Xavier, Jasper Park, known for its summer water attractions, is at the intersection of Marie-Victorin and St-François-Xavier boulevards, offering easy access. It also offers a variety of play areas for children's entertainment. Wi-Fi available.

Parc de Jasper, Canada

Parc de Jasper (Source : City of Candiac)

9. Parc Mermoz - Located on the banks of the Tortue River at 200 Avenue Mermoz, Parc Mermoz is a small park for children with play modules and rest areas.

 Parc Mermoz, Candiac

Parc Mermoz (Source : City of Candiac)

10. Parc Montcalm - Located at 55 boulevard Montcalm, this park is a vast and popular space for sports enthusiasts. It offers a variety of facilities, including tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts and baseball diamonds. There's also a permanent skating rink, perfect for field hockey fans, whether on ice or asphalt. A chalet is available. Wi-Fi available.

 Parc Montcalm, Candiac

Parc Montcalm (Source : City of Candiac)

11. Parc de la nature Strasbourg - Located at 10 boulevard de Sardaigne, Strasbourg's Parc de la Nature is a haven of peace and beauty extending over 5 hectares. This green space, rich in biodiversity, is dedicated to nature conservation. It features four unique pedestrian paths and a central island, offering a privileged view of the diversity of plant and animal species.

Parc de la nature de Strasbourg, Candiac

Parc de la nature Strasbourg (Source : City of Candiac)

12. Parc de Picardie - Located at 20 avenue de Picardie (between Autoroute 15 and Boulevard Taschereau) in a quiet Candiac neighborhood, Parc de Picardie offers a verdant setting ideal for a picnic. Children will love the swings and other play equipment. The park can be reached via a pedestrian path off Avenue Papineau.

Parc de Picardie, Candiac

Parc de Picardie (Source : City of Candiac)

13. Parc Roméo-V.-Patenaude - Located at 125 chemin Haendel, the newly renovated Roméo-V.-Patenaude park features a skatepark, basketball courts, a municipal pool and a water play area. It's an ideal place for teenagers, thanks in part to its proximity to the Maison des jeunes L'Antidote. The park also offers play areas for toddlers (0-6 years) and school-age children (6-12 years).

Parc Roméo-V.-Patenaude, Candiac

Parc Roméo-V.-Patenaude (Source :City of Candiac)

14. Place de la Fonderie - Located at 270 rue d'Ambre, Place de la Fonderie is the fruit of a co-creation project involving current and future neighborhood residents. Its design integrates several sustainable development principles and meets the needs of all generations. This recently inaugurated park features play areas, a fountain for fun and refreshment, a pedestrian zone and relaxation areas. We encourage you to come and explore this new space today. It's important to note that further phases of development are planned for the future.

Place de la Fonderie, Candiac

Place de la Fonderie (Source : City of Candiac)

15. Parc de Sardaigne - Located at 75 rue de Syracuse, Parc de Sardaigne offers a variety of attractions, including playgrounds for preschoolers and schoolchildren, a popular water play area, a microlibrary, a chalet, picnic areas and a pedestrian path.

Parc de Sardaigne, Candiac

Parc de Sardaigne (Source : City of Candiac)

16. Sentier de la Rivière-de-la-Tortue - Located at 40 chemin St-François-Xavier, Le Sentier de la Rivière-de-la-Tortue, a nature interpretation park stretching for almost 2 km along the Tortue River, begins at Parc Saint-François-Xavier. This trail promises captivating discoveries, revealing a remarkable biodiversity. Along the way, interpretive panels will enhance your knowledge of local flora and fauna. Please note that dogs are not allowed on the trail. Parking is available at 50 chemin Saint-François-Xavier or 35A rue de Marseille.

Sentier de la Rivière-de-la-Tortue, Candiac

Sentier de la Rivière-de-la-Tortue (Source : City of Candiac)

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