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Hello everyone! This is Samira Estephan, real estate broker on Montreal's South Shore. Today, I'm talking about the main attractions you'll find in Candiac if you're visiting the city or would like to live here. It's a charming municipality located between La Prairie to the east, and Saint-Constant, Sainte-Catherine and Delson to the west. Stretching for a few kilometers on either side of a superbly landscaped park, it is bordered on the north by the St. Lawrence River.

Candiac is an ideal destination for nature, culture and leisure enthusiasts. Its slogan "Ma ville sous les arbres" ("My city under the trees") reveals one of its main charms: there are plenty of trees here, both in residential areas and in green spaces. In fact, there are almost 17,000 mature and deciduous trees in an area of 17.59 m2. Living and working here myself, I can tell you that it's a great place to live. If you're a couple or have a family, Candiac is one of the best places to settle in Quebec. In 2023, 22,000 residents agree with this view 😊.

What are Candiac's main attractions?

Although Candiac isn't as well known for its tourist attractions as some larger cities, it nevertheless offers places and activities enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Here are the most important attractions to discover, grouped into 5 categories:

1. Candiac's parks and green spaces

Did you know that Candiac has over 30 parks and green spaces on its territory? That's a lot! These spaces offer residents and visitors numerous opportunities for recreation, relaxation and contact with nature. There are playgrounds, sports fields, bike paths, walking trails, bodies of water, community gardens and even an urban forest!

Here are the most popular parks:

The 25-hectare André-J.-Côté park is the city's largest urban green space. It offers a variety of facilities for residents. Featuring a beach, marina and public wharf, offering residents opportunities for waterfront activities, the park also offers picnic areas, a reception pavilion, walking trails, a bike path, playgrounds and sports fields, as well as a dog park. From its banks, you'll enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River and Champlain Bridge, creating a picturesque setting for walks, bike rides, picnics and birdwatching. An 11-module fitness trail adds to the park's scope, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and outdoor recreation. With over 650 trees, it's a haven of peace during the hot summer months. In winter, the park features an ice ring.

Parc André-J.-Côté - Candiac

With over 650 trees, Candiac's Parc André-J.-Côté is a haven of peace during the hot summer months. In winter, it features an ice ring. Aerial view created with Google Earth satellite.

Beyond its natural surroundings, Parc André-J.-Côté is transformed into a platform for the community's cultural life. The spacious 5,000 m² amphitheatre hosts a multitude of artistic and festive events throughout the year. Concerts, shows, fireworks and public markets all contribute to the park's lively atmosphere. On September 9, for example, singer Luce Dufault presented her show to close the 2023 Candiac en musique event. The park is also home to Maison Hélène-Sentenne (formerly Maison Melançon). Built in 1787, this important heritage building hosts numerous cultural activities.

Handel Park is a theme park that pays tribute to German composer Georg Friedrich Handel. It's the ideal park for sports enthusiasts. Tennis, baseball, beach volleyball, basketball and field hockey courts are available for all to enjoy. Young children can play in the play modules. A chalet is located at the foot of the footbridge linking the park to Cherbourg. Special feature: the skating rink is covered by a large roof and is refrigerated. So, come winter, rain or shine, even when it's thawing out, it's always beautiful and functional.

Parc Montcalm is another great park for sports enthusiasts. There are tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, baseball diamonds and much more! There's also a permanent skating rink for ice and asphalt field hockey fans.

Champlain Park features 16 soccer fields of varying sizes. It's the place to be for Candiac soccer fans. There are also several other sports fields, including volleyball and basketball courts. In winter, a skating rink is available.

2. Cycling, hiking and sports centers

The town's cycling and hiking trails allow outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the region's natural environment. From reading to petanque, to leisure activities, its three community and sports centers will satisfy young children and seniors alike.

Complexe Romeo-V-Patenaude

The Complexe Roméo-V-Patenaude is a center for numerous community and sports activities. Citizens can even rent rooms. Skateboarders will find a place to practice, in addition to basketball courts, a municipal pool and a playground. Finally, it's a venue for cultural events, for which the master hall can accommodate up to 600 people (Photo: Ville de Candiac).


The heart of recreation and culture in Candiac, the Centre Claude-Hébert has been home to the municipal library since 2005, as well as the Service des loisirs office. A large number of activities for seniors take place regularly at the Centre Frank-Vocino, both at Club Idéal and Club de l'âge d'or. The center's backyard also boasts ten lighted petanque court

3. Local events

Candiac regularly organizes local events such as festivals, craft markets and community activities that attract a wide range of people. For example, here are the events taking place this autumn:

  • LAST CANDIAC IN MUSIC: LUCE DUFAULT - Local artist opening at 7:30 p.m. Date: September 9, 8 p.m., Parc André-J.-Côté (free).
  • AFTERNOON DANCING - as part of the International Day of Older Persons. Date: October 1, 1:30 p.m., Complexe Roméo-V.-Patenaude (free).
  • WORKSHOP - FAMILY CITROUILLE DECORATION - Date: October 21, 10 a.m., Centre Claude-Hébert, Fabrique 59 (free) Ages 3-7.
  • HALLOWEEN PARTY - Date: October 28, 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., Complexe Roméo-V.-Patenaude (free).

candiac en musique

These programs offer a wide range of activities to suit your pace and lifestyle. Whether it's Candiac en musique, Fééries d'hiver, summer events, sports and cultural activities, dance or workshops, there's something for everyone. Source: Ville de Candiac.

4. Restaurants and local shops

Candiac has a number of restaurants and local businesses where visitors can discover the region's cuisine and products. According to the Restaurant Guru website, there are 35 restaurants in Candiac, including those belonging to the major banners. Here's its list of the five most popular restaurants:

  • Restaurant La Réserve table et vin
  • Mika Sushi Bar Fine Cuisine Asiatique
  • La Piazzetta Candiac
  • El Sombrero
  • La Carcasse

Located at the crossroads of highways 15 and 30, Carrefour Candiac is a 120-acre commercial space with excellent visibility thanks to unobstructed highway frontages. The site offers a range of big-box stores, including Costco, Réno Dépôt and Walmart, as well as food services. The latter includes Groupe Maurice's SEVÄ retirement complex (327 units). Candiac Shopping Centre is located at 9, boulevard Montcalm. It brings together a number of major retail banners, clinics, boutiques and restaurants.

5. Samira's favorites

Ville de Candiac and Fondation Hélène-Sentenne offer a wide range of cultural activities. A gathering place dedicated to arts and culture, Parc André-J.-Côté welcomes artists and visitors from the region to its Sentier des arts and Maison Hélène-Sentenne.

  • Au fil du temps, au cœur de Candiac is the first-ever outdoor exhibition on the town's history and heritage.
  • Presented at Espace Parvie, located in front of City Hall at 100, boulevard Montcalm Nord, this exhibition enriches the city's cultural offering by providing a window on Candiac's history, its riches and its diversity of tangible and intangible heritage. It is part of the major project for the future Montcalm town center, which will take shape on the very spot where the town was born in 1957.
  • A veritable open-air museum, the Sentier des arts in Parc André-J.-Côté hosts pictorial works throughout the four seasons.
  • Maison Hélène-Sentenne - A symbol of the city's heritage, this majestic residence has seen many families pass through its doors over two centuries. It has stood the test of time to become a place where the arts and culture are celebrated. Maison Hélène-Sentenne (formerly Maison Melançon) is undoubtedly a source of pride for Candiac residents.
  • The Sentier de la Rivière-de-la-Tortue is a 2-kilometre natural interpretation trail along the Tortue River (4km round trip), starting in Parc Saint-François-Xavier. A series of discoveries awaits you along this route, popular with birdwatchers, runners and walkers alike. As you stroll along, you'll gain a wealth of knowledge about the plant and animal life that inhabit the river, thanks to the many interpretation panels. It's also a great place to enjoy a quiet moment of relaxation. Accessible all year round, this experience is well worth the detour whatever the season. Please note that dogs are not permitted on this trail.

Sentier de la Rivière-De-La-Tortue

If you're looking for a relaxing and enjoyable activity in Candiac, don't miss the Sentier de la Rivière-de-la-Tortue. This hiking trail runs alongside the river of the same name and offers magnificent natural scenery. The trail is accessible all year round and is suitable for all levels of walker. It's a great opportunity to discover Candiac's attractions while enjoying the great outdoors.

That's it! These are the main attractions you can discover in the pretty town of Candiac. I hope this article has piqued your curiosity, so that you can pay us a visit very soon. Then, if you're thinking of buying or selling a property in Candiac, or in the Montérégie region, and you're looking for a real estate broker to help you with your project, don't hesitate to contact me at (514) 292-2311.

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