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Of course, you can absolutely consider home staging to optimize the sale of your Candiac property. With its quiet charm and easy access to shops, professional services and other amenities, Candiac is a highly sought-after place to buy and live. In a competitive real estate market like this one, it's essential to stand out from the crowd, even if your property is recently built. The aim is to make a good first impression, because potential buyers get a feel for your property as soon as they walk through the front door. As experienced real estate agents, Anna Estephan and Samira Estephan, real estate brokers in Candiac, will help you maximize the visual and emotional impact to help sell your home.

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An uncluttered kitchen, with little or no personal belongings and plenty of light: the spirit of Home staging.

Did you know that everything happens in the first 20 to 90 seconds when people visit a property? It seems that 90% of real estate purchases are made at first sight or with emotion. That's why staging a property (whether it's a house, apartment, office space, etc.) is part of the selling process. The aim: to make future buyers fall in love with the property.

What are the basic principles of Home staging?

Home staging is all about presenting your home in the best possible light. Even if your home was built relatively recently, there are many things to consider in order to maximize its market appeal. Yes, your home may need some cosmetic touch-ups to smooth out minor imperfections here and there and to highlight the positive aspects of your home. It's all about highlighting your home's strengths while minimizing its flaws.

The basic principles include making the most of space and light, creating a neutral ambience for buyers to project themselves into, and making small improvements, all without committing to major works. The keys to successful home staging are de-cluttering spaces, redefining room functions, harmonizing spaces, depersonalizing, making minor repairs and using tricks like mirrors or artificial lighting.

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Home staging helps to optimize the selling time and price of your property.

Let's review in detail the main actions to get started on your property's Home staging project:

    • Depersonalize the space: By removing personal items such as family photos and specific decorative objects, you allow buyers to better visualize their own life in the house.
    • Make clean shine: This is an important one. A deep clean can make a big difference to the overall appearance of the home. This includes cleaning floors, dusting all surfaces, cleaning windows, washing curtains and carpets, and even cleaning items such as appliances, bathrooms and kitchens. Clean, well-maintained spaces are more attractive to buyers. They will give visitors the impression that the home has been well taken care of, which can boost confidence in their buying or renting decision.
    • Enhance space: Arrange furniture to maximize the impression of space. Arrange clutter to create a sense of fluidity.
    • Optimize lighting: Good lighting can transform the mood of a room. Make sure all bulbs are working and that curtains allow natural light in.
    • Modernize colors: A neutral color palette can help buyers project themselves more easily into the space. Avoid colors that are too bright or bold.Highlight key features: If your home has unique features such as a fireplace, kitchen island or architectural elements, make sure they are clearly visible. For their part, Anna and Samira Estephan are sure to highlight and list your home's attractions.
    • Care for the garden and exterior: First impressions count. Make sure your home's exterior is welcoming, with a well-kept lawn and clean entrances.
    • Make small repairs: Fix small imperfections like broken door handles, leaky faucets or cracks in the walls.
    • Create a welcoming atmosphere: Elements such as scented candles, fresh flowers or decorative cushions help create a warm, inviting atmosphere.
    • Evaluate furniture layout: Make sure that the furniture layout enhances the functionality of each room and facilitates circulation.

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Highlighting your home's strengths while minimizing its flaws is a simple strategy that pays off.

Can a real estate broker advise on Home staging ?

Anna Estephan and Samira Estephan are real estate professionals with extensive experience in interior and exterior decoration. With over 2,000 properties sold, they have the expertise to advise you on home staging. Their recommendations, often simple and affordable, highlight your home's assets, both inside and out. However, in the case of major makeovers or more complex transformations, they will recommend a professional interior decorator or home stager. Here again, the Estephan Team can always help you manage the renovation work. Our role is to help you maximize your property's appeal, while taking into account your budget and sales objectives.

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